Raging Buffalo

The Adventures of Danny and the Dingo Season 1

Snowboarding 22 mins 2008
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The final ticket to Grenade Games is handed out in Raging Buffalo, but will a wildcard be named? Then the crew sets off for the Vans Tahoe Cup with a diet of nothing but candy and pizza rolls.

Danny Kass, The Dingo, Lucas Magoon

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What's the difference?

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Synopsis After leaving the restaurant, the entire crew, including Lucas who has a golf ball size lump on his head, makes their way to the Boost after party. Despite the blizzard conditions and against the advice of Dawain, the bus driver, they go anyway. On the way back to the hotel local amateur rider Chaz Chaffee calls to get a very uninterested Dingo to bail him out of jail. The final trip to Grenade Games that is given away on day 2 of Raging Buffalo comes down to the video replay of the same trick between 2 riders. After much deliberation, Mark Lynn is chosen as the final rider, leaving many of the guys feeling bad for 2 stop competitor Chaz Chaffee. Danny, Dingo and Lucas call Chaz and give him the wildcard trip to Grenade Games and plan to meet up him the next day. However, before leaving Raging Buffalo the boys decide to take winner Mark Lynn to a local kinked rail to hangout and say good bye to the Higgies. The next day Lucas vows to eat nothing but candy from Chicago to Lake Tahoe if the rest of the crew will eat nothing Totinos pizza rolls.
Athletes Danny Kass, The Dingo, Lucas Magoon, Chaz Chaffee
Genres Snowboarding
Studio FUEL TV
Rating not rated
Runtime 22 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
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