Valentine's Day

The Adventures of Danny and the Dingo Season 1

Snowboarding 22 mins 2008
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The gang heads to Mountain Creek, NJ for Dannys hometown stop on the tour, sessioning some local wood rails on the way, and Dingo treks back to NY for a Valentines date.

Danny Kass, The Dingo, Lucas Magoon

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Episode Details
Synopsis Dingo wakes up to a sore hand following the Loon Mountain after-party and describes what life will be like on the road with Lucas. After packing up the RV, the boys grab some food and hit some local wood rails, before leaving for Dannys hometown stop, Mountain creek, NJ. As the tour heads to New Jersey, Dingo takes the Boost bus to spend some time with Loon Mountain winner, Travis Neuenhaus. Instead of getting to know Travis, Dingo is interrogated by his Travis father about what Grenade life entails. With the 3rd stop, Mountain Creek, only a few days away, the gang makes it to Dannys parents house (located a few miles from the mountain) just in time for Valentines Day. Dingo quickly lines up a date with Kylie, whom he had met at the NYC rail jam in the previous episode. Meanwhile, Danny prepares for his ex-girlfriend, Thania, to arrive.
Athletes Danny Kass, The Dingo, Lucas Magoon, Lil Jon, Travis Neuenhaus
Genres Snowboarding
Studio FUEL TV
Rating not rated
Runtime 22 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
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