Swatch Nines 2024 - This Is It, The Perfect Hip

Snowboarding 27 mins 2024
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Highlights from the Swatch Nines 2024 with behind-the-scenes moments alongside prime snowboarding action.

Kim Gubser, Mia Brookes, Fridtjof Tischendorf

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Synopsis An immersive experience into the world of the Swatch Nines 2024 at Schilthorn, Switzerland! This year's highlight edit takes a documentary approach to show the event from several angles, from entertaining and insightful behind-the-scenes moments to the utmost peak of the snowboarding action.
Athletes Kim Gubser, Mia Brookes, Fridtjof Tischendorf, Juho Laine, Max Buri, Simon Gschaider, Queralt Castellet, Patrick Hofmann, Leilani Ettel, øyvind Kirkhus, Vlad Khardarin, Brooke D'Hondt, Jay Rawe, Alex Hall, Hunter Hess, Joel Liimatainen, Lukas Mullauer, Matej Svancer, Alex Hackel, Sarah Hoefflin, Nico Porteous, Max Moffat, Chaeun Lee, Vincent Veile, Anastasia Tatalina, Kaishu Hirano, Finley Melville Ives, Marcus Kleveland, Megan Oldham, Nico Vuignier, Nicolas Huber, Jesper Tjader, Werni Stock, Juho Saastamoinen, Thierry Wili, Valentino Guseli
Genres Snowboarding
Studio The Nines
Rating not rated
Runtime 27 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, Japanese, German, Breton, Portuguese, English, Catalan, French, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Spanish
Stream HD | 1920x1080