MTB Insights - Season 3 - Social Media Matters

All Mountain 24 minutes 2019
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Instagram star with an ever-growing bag of tricks or an all-out racer with podium aspirations? Twenty-five-year-old Veronique Sandler of New Zealand will show us how to stay relevant after dropping out of World Cup circuit and claiming the title of the best tricking girl on the Internet scene!

Makken, Jackson Goldstone, Veronique Sandler

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Synopsis Moving from New Zealand to UK in pursuit of the best bike tracks may not sound like a wise choice, yet Veronique Sandler is not a person you should doubt! Becoming a downhill star and turning it all down to become an Instagram rider made twenty-five-year-old Veronique famous. In this episode of MTB Insights, we will get to know if expanding her bag of tricks is a way to stay relevant on a scene where only the top five podium spots get coverage.
Athletes Makken, Jackson Goldstone, Veronique Sandler, Eliot Jackson, Richie Schley, Brian Regnier, Noga Korem, Piotr Krajewski
Genres All Mountain, Cross Country Mountain Bike, Downhill Racing, Downhill Mountain Bike, Mountain Bike, Mountain Bike Trials, Cross Country Racing
Director Ryszard Syryczy
Writer Ryszard Syryczy
Studio XTreme Video
Rating not rated
Runtime 24 minutes
Language English | Stereo
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