50 Shades of Shred

MTB Insights Season 3

All Mountain 26 mins 2019
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The living legend of gravity bike scene who got fed up with bike heaven of Whistler, Canada and moved to sunny Laguna Beach, California. Forty-nine-year-old Richie Schley will show us how the MTB Hall of Famer can still stay relevant to the scene he created almost forty years ago.

Makken, Jackson Goldstone, Veronique Sandler

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Synopsis MTB Hall of Famer, Richie Schley is a living legend for any gravity MTB rider. After pushing the limits of what's possible on a bike for almost forty years, Richie changed his local bike heaven in Whistler in exchange for Laguna Beach's never-ending summer. In this episode of MTB Insights, we will get to know how sports veteran can still lead the current of innovation and help develop better future for riders globally!
Athletes Makken, Jackson Goldstone, Veronique Sandler, Eliot Jackson, Richie Schley, Brian Regnier, Noga Korem, Piotr Krajewski
Genres All Mountain, Cross Country Mountain Bike, Downhill Racing, Downhill Mountain Bike, Mountain Bike, Mountain Bike Trials, Cross Country Racing
Director Ryszard Syryczy
Writer Ryszard Syryczy
Studio XTreme Video
Rating not rated
Runtime 26 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
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