The Standard Snowboard Show - Season 4 - Mitch Reed

22 minutes 2007
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Join snowboarder Mitch Reed in Aspen, Colorado, to skate with Scotty Arnold, hit up inner city jibs, and session the park at Snowmass with Lonnie Kauk.

Mitch Reed

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Synopsis Look out for Gryme Tyme, Mitch Reed hosts this episode with style, straight out of Aspen, Colorado. Come visit with Mitch in his hometown as he throws down some raps in the studio, visits the local board shop and sessions inner city jibs. Special guests Scotty Arnold shreds with him in the skatepark and Lonnie Kauk goes big with Mitch in the park at Snowmass. Welcome to CO!
Athletes Mitch Reed
Studio Standard Films
Rating not rated
Runtime 22 minutes
Language English | Stereo
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