Magic Moments

Skiing 56 mins 2009
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Storm Show's Magic Moments: Epic mountain feats, big airs, and powder dreams in their 9th film.

Mike Tierney, Matt Combs, Jeff Annetts

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Synopsis Indulge in the safety of your own living room as the Storm Show crew basks in the heavenly depths of endless powder days, big lines and even bigger airs. Follow stuntman/speed-flier Matt Combs as he skis and soars off of previously untamed lines that end in massive and unsurvivable cliffs. Death-defying skier Mike Tierney continues to stack up first descents on the exposed faces of Cody Peak, skiing the "Talk Is Cheap" face and launching into "Central Couloir", a feat only previously accomplished with a rope rappel. Seasoned veterans Andrew Whiteford, Ryan Vanlanen, and Lindsey Dyer show why they've devoted their lives to the eternal powder quest. These are the Magic Moments we dream of, ready for the willing.
Athletes Mike Tierney, Matt Combs, Jeff Annetts, Andrew Whiteford, Ryan Vanlanen, Lindsey Dyer
Genres Skiing, Snowboarding
Director Darrell Miller
Studio Storm Show Studios
Rating not rated
Runtime 56 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
Stream HD | 2560x1440