300 inches

Ski Mountaineering 41 mins 2007
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Jackson Hole skiers defy limits, conquer challenges with 300 inches of snow in daring global stunts.

Matt Combs, Jason Anthony, Justus Meyer

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Synopsis Jackson Hole only got 300 inches of snow over the '06-07 season (insert whining here). Dwindling snowfall across the country may have hampered the efforts of some, but Jackson's local skiers and riders show that they will never be victim to circumstance. Less snowfall has equated to steeper, rockier, and more exposed lines-- the stuff Jacksonites live for… Storm Show breaks away from their traditional JH ski films by traveling around the globe to locales such as France, Alaska, and British Columbia. Stuntman Matt Combs continues to break new ground in the sport of speed-flying: skiing exposed lines that end in certain death, with the only escape being his trusty paraglide. 300 inches, it's what you make of it!
Athletes Matt Combs, Jason Anthony, Justus Meyer, Shroder Baker, Mike Tierney, Matt Annetts, Darrell Miller, Jason Elms, Rob Kingwill, Jessica Baker, Rajat Bhayani, Trevor Thomas, Chip Hildebrand, Ryan Vanlanen, Phil Jones, Trevor Hiatt
Genres Ski Mountaineering, Skiing, Snowboarding
Director Darell Miller
Studio Storm Show Studios
Rating not rated
Runtime 41 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
Stream HD | 2560x1440