Dometic Outdoor Challenge

The Dometic Outdoor Challenge with Owen Wright

Competition 58 mins 2023
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Seasons: 1

Owen Wright's Dometic Challenge has the top 4 Australian surf clubs competing in surfing, fishing and camping.

, Vaughan Blakey, Owen Wright

Season Details
Synopsis Owen Wright's Dometic Outdoor Challenge, a thrilling 3-part series, features Australia's top 4 Boardrider Clubs in surfing, fishing, and camping challenges. With $16,000 in prizes, watch Byron Bay, Snapper Rocks, Merewether, and Avoca Beach compete for the ultimate camping title and the surf-off victory in perfect conditions.
Athletes , Vaughan Blakey, Owen Wright,
Genres Surfing Competiton
Studio Surfing Australia Studios
Rating not rated
Runtime 58 mins
Language English | Stereo