Issue 4

iDabble VM Season 1

Skateboarding 40 mins 2021
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Seasons: 1

A skateboarding videomag hosted by Mark Appleyard with all sorts of stars and no creative limits.

Mike Piwowar, Cody Jacobson, Dave Bachinsky

Episode Details
Synopsis Hosted by the hilarious Mark Appleyard issue 4 of iDabble Videomag welcomes Marissa Martinez Mama Skate, Ronson Lambert, Andrew Schoultz, Brazil's Skate Nation crew, Boo Johnson and Chris Haslam for yet another show that appeals to the very core of the skateboarding spirit and lifestyle.
Athletes Mike Piwowar, Cody Jacobson, Dave Bachinsky, Yodalf Metre, Mariah Duran, Daniel Knapp, Ryan Guiso, Marisa Martinez, Ronson Lambert, Beagle, Andrew Schoultz, Tulio Oliveira, Boo Jonhson, Chris Haslam
Genres Skateboarding
Director Jordan Maxham, Mike Manisco
Writer Jordan Maxham
Studio iDabbleVM
Rating not rated
Runtime 40 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions Japanese, German, Breton, Portuguese, Catalan, French, Finnish, Swedish, Russian, Spanish, English, English
Stream HD | 1920x1080