Season 1

Wave Crushers

Big Wave 37 mins 2023
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Seasons: 1

A three-part series about a breathing-exercise program designed for endurance in big wave conditions.

Afonso Antunes, António Silva, Beatriz La Fuente

Season Details
Synopsis Throughout three episodes join big wave and competition surfers in the Wave Crushers training sessions and listen to what they say about the importance of breathing and apneic exercises, not only for high risk surf conditions but for any anxiety inducing life situation. Wave Crushers prepare surfers for when things go wrong.
Athletes Afonso Antunes, António Silva, Beatriz La Fuente, Francisco Roque de Pinho, João de Macedo, João Parisot, Lourenço Katzenstein, Nic Von Rupp, Ricardo Gomes, Sérgio Cosme,
Genres Big Wave Surfing
Director João Valente
Studio FUEL TV
Rating not rated
Runtime 37 mins
Language English | Stereo