The Great Ride Open

The Great Ride Open puts the FMX world at center stage but will take the riders out of the comp and exhibition circuit and get back to the roots of the sport--freeriding.<br> <br> Traveling caravan style with a group of four top FMX riders they embark on a 2000 plus mile journey searching for new riding arenas as well as visiting some of the more legendary ones. The viewer will experience the successes and failures of the journey while living the lifestyle with the athletes while on their mission.<br> <br> Captured entirely on Film and HD and produced by the acclaimed filmmakers from Teton Gravity Research this series is not to be missed.<br> <br> The Route<br> The crew will start in San Diego and head to the Imperial Valley of California. This is the heart of the California Desert with many known and unknown riding zones to be found. The first riding starts at the legendary dunes of Glamis. From Glamis the show will move onto Ocotillo Wells and then to Superstition. All three of these locations are famous and date back to the roots of Moto-x.<br> <br> After riding the well-known and legendary locations of the Imperial Valley the crew will move north and west to a little known area near Flagstaff, Arizona. This terrain is on native land and the team will need to be granted access by the local tribe. Untapped and unexplored the mission has truly moved into the recon phase. While in Flagstaff word spreads of a new location near the little town of Big Water, Utah. The traveling circus decides to take a chance another untapped location that proves worthy.<br> <br> From Big Water it is time to move north once again - this time to Green River, Utah. Most of the athletes have ridden here before but never like this. Rarely has the sport seen natural terrain riding taken to this level. The road trip concludes in Caineville, Utah, which many claim to be the north shore of natural terrain.<br>