Episode 23

Getting Heated Season 1

Interviews 22 mins 2021
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Is Morgan Cibilic The Best Australian Surfer On The Men's CT? Cibilic, the highest-ranked Australian on tour, is knocking on the door for a Final Five World Title showdown at Trestles.

Coco Ho, Strider Wasilewsky, Kaipo Guerrero

Episode Details
Synopsis Strider Wasilewsky and Kaipo Guerrero, the Salt & Pepper of the WSL beach commentary team, exchange some open blows during the 23rd episode of Getting Heated, presented by pro surfer Coco Ho. From discussing whether Morgan Cibilic is today's best Australian surfer to assessing the best strategy for the WSL Finals; from wondering about the audience engagement towards surfing in the upcoming Olympic Games to the impact of new technology in surfboard construction, Strider and Kaipo get down to an indeed very heated episode.
Athletes Coco Ho, Strider Wasilewsky, Kaipo Guerrero
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Studio WSL Studios
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Runtime 22 mins
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