Defining Sickness 2: Outta Control

45 minutes 2007
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This film is chock-full of sick crashes, great stunts both on the street and in the dirt, laced with really sick base jumping.

Drake McElroy, Dustin Miller, Jake Windham

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Movie Details
Synopsis 2 Years in the making 220 Films brings you Defining Sickness 2, the most action packed film of the year from street stunts through San Francisco to desert racing in baja, skateboarding in famous Los Angeles to FMX in secluded California compounds, the powder of Aspen to base jumping off cliff! More crashes then ever! This film has it all! The Footage quality is top notch along with a great soundtrack, funny skits and a star filled cast of athletes! There's only one way to define this film... Outta Control!
Athletes Drake McElroy, Dustin Miller, Jake Windham, Darius Khashabi, Joe Brown, Robby Gordon
Director Don McCall
Writer Don McCall
Studio 220 Films
Rating not rated
Runtime 45 minutes
Language English | Stereo
Stream SD | 848x480