Zig Zag

Skiing 48 mins 2019
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Zig Zag: skiing's rhythm. Level 1's film captures life's contradictions. Love and money. Powder and slush. Stagnant yet innovative. Unpredictable but consistent.

Parker White, Sami Ortlieb, Will Berman

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What's the difference?

Gift Movie  $9.99 USD
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Synopsis Zig Zag. 1. A pattern created using alternating course. 2. Another word for skiing. Following nearly two decades of ski movie pedigree, Level 1 documents a lifestyle of contradiction. Timeless ephemera. Love and money. Natural and synthetic. Powder and slush. Stagnant and innovative. Untracked and well-travelled. Consistent but not predictable. Swerving left, right and diagonal, yet never asleep at the wheel.
Athletes Parker White, Sami Ortlieb, Will Berman, Will Wesson, Peyben Hagglund, Kim Boberg, Tanner Rainville, Ahment Dadali, Remco Kayser, Rob Heule, Marcel Brunisholz, Laurent De Martin, Chris Logan, Keegan Kilbride, Thayne Rich, KC Deane, Oliver Karlberg, Duncan Adams, Mcrae Williams, Ben Smith, Ethan Swadburg, Andrin Tgetgel
Genres Skiing
Director Freedle Coty, Josh Berman
Studio Level 1 Productions
Rating not rated
Runtime 48 mins
Language English | Stereo
Captions English, English
Download HD | 1280x720 (1.48 GB) SD | 960x540 (756.26 MB)
Stream HD | 1920x1080