Longboarding LA to NY

Longboard 54 minutes 2021
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Four young men from the UK attempt to become the first to travel the 3000 miles between LA to NY on longboards Crazy places, and even crazier people, follow them for every push of the way...

Rupert Rixon, David Rock, Oliver Spain

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What's the difference?

Gift Movie  $6.99
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Synopsis There's roughly 3000 miles between Los Angeles and New York, with some of the most weird, wild and wonderful people, and a diverse set of climates and terrains. Sounds like a true haven for four skinny British boys to tackle by longboard doesn't it? This is the journey of Rupert Rixon and his rag-tag group of mates, as they attempt to become the FIRST BRITS to cross the 3K miles with nothing but Longboards, and a little bit of help from Josh and Matt with their converted shuttle bus.

The route takes them from LA to Las Vegas to begin with, they then travel up to Salt Lake City, before tackling the long corn filled midwest (with a quick trip into Yellowstone) before entering into Chicago. They cruise over to West Virginia before finally crossing the Appalachian Mountains in style before ending up in New York City.

Director & Lead producer Rupert is joined by 3 mates, David, Oli and Tom, all of whom did know each other from previous videos and projects in the 3 years prior to the trip. This however would be far and away their most ambitious project yet. After a failed kickstarter to help fund the journey, they sort out an array of sponsors, which included Mindless Longboards, who supplied the skating gear, Alibi Health Drink and Bounce Balls who would supply a selection of food and drinks.

Rupert finally partnered with the Teenage Cancer Trust, and throughout the journey, he and the team would attempt to raise funds which would all be donated to charity, all with the mission to help beat cancer in teenagers. Upon arrival the guys would head over to the teenage cancer trust HQ, to meet some of the members and talk about the mission they were about to take.
Athletes Rupert Rixon, David Rock, Oliver Spain, Josh Monthei, Matt Monthei, Sarah Rini, Tom Nicholson.
Genres Longboard Skatebording
Director Rupert Rixon
Writer Rupert Rixon
Studio Perspective Pictures
Rating not rated
Runtime 54 minutes
Language English | Stereo
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