The Factory

Quad and ATV 1 hour  28 minutes 2008
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4 | 3 ratings

This video documents the lives of 5 athletes and their crews as they compete in ATV Grand National Championship series. Sage Baker #49, Cody Miller #22, Jeremy Lawson #16, Greg Gee #10 and John Natalie, Jr. #13 are the Can-Am Team.

Sage Baker, Cody Miller, Jeremy Lawson

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Synopsis From the award-winning producers of Beating the Odds and the popular Carpe Diem series comes an incredible story of five professional racers that have been given the shot of a lifetime to ride on a factory team. Shot in brilliant high-definition, this film deocuments the lives of these athletes and theeir fafctory-backed crew, as they compete in the ATVA Grand National Championship Series. Share the heartache and triumph of the entire team s they try to prove themselves during their first full season. Factory budgets, legendary tracks, and famous racers make this film the best ATV film every made. Starring: Sage Baker, Cody Miller, Jeremy Lawson, Greg Gee, and John Natatie Jr.
Athletes Sage Baker, Cody Miller, Jeremy Lawson, Greg Gee, and John Natalie Jr
Genres Quad and ATV
Director Brandon Boulay
Writer Brandon Boulay
Studio Premis Industries
Rating not rated
Runtime 1 hour  28 minutes
Language English | Stereo
Stream SD | 852x480