Season 1

Zion's Way

Skateboarding 3 hrs  5 mins 2021
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5 | 11 ratings
Seasons: 1

Zion's Way features prodigious 11-year-old skateboarder Zion Effs alongside his dad, little brother and best friend as they cross the country from Florida to LA visiting skate parks along the way.

Zion Effs, Richie Effs, Noah Pollard

Season Details
Synopsis Zion's Way features prodigious 11-year-old skateboarder, Zion Effs, alongside his dad, Richie, 5-year-old little brother, Jax, and best friend Noah Pollard. Taking off from Miami, Florida, they cross the country coast-to-coast, driving all the way to Los Angeles, California. Along the journey, they'll visit skate parks and spots, check the local food, meet new people, and get into all kind of adventures and fun.
Athletes Zion Effs, Richie Effs, Noah Pollard, Jax Effs, Joe Lehm, Malachi Gray, Cassius Booker, Lazer Crawford, Maurio McCoy,
Genres Skateboarding
Studio EFF.TV
Rating not rated
Runtime 3 hrs  5 mins
Language English | Stereo